Venture Funding for Massively Interactive Live Events

We believe that the future of entertainment and education lies in the Metaverse. Massively multiplayer and socially connected worlds are where people interact with gaming, music and fashion, and we want to help build the next generation of experiences for all.

Dubit: metaverse and
gaming studio

Metaverse Gaming League: first esports
event in the metaverse

Metaventures is proud to announce its first investment, $8m in the Metaverse Studio, Dubit. Dubit is a 100-strong development house with 20 years experience of creating gaming worlds for brands and startups around the world.

Currently in Beta, MGL has been staging its first eSports events in Roblox and Minecraft, and soon will host tournaments in Core. MGL is for all players, regardless of skill, featuring weekly challenges and a live Friday show with prizes to be won.

Dubit Website >MGL Website >

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